Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim in Indiana

Thousands of workplace injuries and illnesses occur every year in Indiana, creating a burden on both workers and businesses. These injuries happen in every sector, to workers of all types, and most of them will be covered by employers or insurers.

Worker’s compensation provides employees with payments that help them cope with the losses they suffer in the wake of a workplace injury, including medical bills, ongoing care and lost wages. However, for an employee to receive benefits for injuries they have suffered on the job, they must follow a certain process.

At Coriden & Coriden, LLC, we can help you navigate the sometimes complicated process of filing a worker’s compensation. Our years of wide-ranging experience in the legal aspects of workplace injuries is a great benefit to our clients.

When a Worker Is Injured on the Job…

It is important that the worker notify their employer as soon as possible. To receive benefits, it is best to notify an employer of the injury within 30 days of the event that caused the injury, if not sooner. While not all employers carry worker’s compensation insurance, employees will maximize their chances of being compensated for an injury if there is written documentation of that injury’s occurrence.

A worker should also seek medical attention immediately following an injury. Not only is medical care necessary for the testing and treatment of an employee, it will also be useful in determining the level of compensation that will be required to cover the healthcare costs of an employee, in addition to the time they might be sidelined due to their injury.

Workers will be told by their employer whether they are covered by worker’s compensation. If they are covered, they will be given the information of the insurer, which they should contact as soon as possible. Employers will generally cover the costs of care while the party responsible for determining eligibility makes their decision.

It is not guaranteed that employees will receive compensation for a workplace injury. Certain types of workers will not be eligible for benefits. The same is true for workers who suffered injuries due to a failure to follow certain protocol, intoxication or self-inflicted causes. While worker’s compensation benefits are intended to be no-fault, meaning that the burden of responsibility for an injury is typically not a factor, it is not uncommon for workers to receive payments that they feel are less than adequate in covering the costs of their injuries.

The Role of an Attorney

As you can see, the process of gaining worker’s compensation benefits requires dealing with employers, insurers or other parties responsible for deciding how much, if any, benefits are given to a worker. This is one of the many reasons that an employee should seek the services of a workplace injury attorney who is familiar with the process and can help protect the interests of the injured worker.

Coriden & Coriden, LLC has years of experience in these types of cases. We help our clients through the many steps that are required in worker’s compensation claims. Our experience in workplace injury cases is invaluable to clients in matters ranging from coverage disputes to determining the amount of payment received. Contact us today to learn more.

Attorney Terry Coriden

Terry Coriden practices worker’s compensation law as a Partner at Coriden & Coriden, LLC. His entire professional career as an attorney has been committed to worker’s compensation law and making a difference in his community. He is also highly experienced in mediation. Terry is a member and past president of the Bartholomew County Bar Association, a member of the Indiana State Bar Association, and a former board member of the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF). [ Attorney Bio ]