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Our work injury and worker’s compensation lawyers skillfully assist clients throughout Indiana.

Every year in Indiana, thousands of people experience serious workplace injuries. If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of an on-the-job accident or occupational illness, you’re very likely facing expensive medical bills and lost income. You need a reputable law firm on your side that will advocate for your right to get the worker’s compensation benefits to which you’re entitled.

Our knowledgeable attorneys at Coriden & Coriden, LLC in Columbus have extensive background assisting injured and ill workers with their benefits claims. We understand the detailed information and documentation that must be included in claims to have the best chance of approval. And if there are disputes about benefits, we have the skill and experience necessary to assertively represent your interests.

Helping You Navigate the Confusing Filing Process

Filing for benefits can be confusing. If you make even a small mistake you may be denied, resulting in wasted time when you need to get money coming in to put food on the table. We’ll answer all of your questions about benefits and assist you through every step in the filing process.

Navigating insurance red tape is often frustrating when you don’t understand the process. As attorneys exclusively focused in this area of the law, we can authoritatively speak the same language as insurers, and we know how to overcome the bureaucratic system, which offers our clients a big advantage.

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When you head to work in the morning, you expect to come home safely. But dangerous on-the-job accidents can and do happen in an instant. A serious injury will not only disrupt your physical and emotional health, it can also severely impact your financial well-being.

Worker's compensation in Indiana is intended to help injured workers pay their medical bills and recover some of their wages. Filing for it can be time-consuming and stressful, though. Having one of our trusted legal advisors on your side will relieve you of feeling pressure so you can focus on getting better for yourself and your family who depend on you. Our worker's compensation attorneys are highly experienced in dealing with employers and their insurers to get clients successful outcomes.

Get Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Our knowledgeable attorney team can also advise you if you may have an additional claim for compensation outside of the worker's comp system. In some cases, such as when third-party contractors, equipment manufacturers and others are involved in causing injuries, legal claims can also be made. A skilled lawyer from our firm can advise you as to whether this may be the case in your injury situation. Call us to learn more at (812) 375-9800.


Thousands of Hoosiers suffer workplace injuries in Indiana every single year. Many of these injuries lead to worker's compensation claims and, in some cases, disputes between employers and their employees over benefits. At Coriden Glover, we have helped many of our clients resolve disputes over worker's compensation claims.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone. When they do, an experienced attorney can help you in all stages of a claim.

Understanding Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries happen in many ways and come in many forms. Learn more about worker's comp claims and the most serious injuries that a worker may suffer in Indiana by clicking on the button below.