The Benefits of Hiring a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If you were injured on the job, informed your employer of the injury, but were denied worker’s compensation benefits, you may be confused and angry and not know what to do next. You should contact our Indiana office so we can talk about your situation, how the law may apply and how we can help you. The main benefit of hiring a Coriden & Coriden, LLC attorney to represent you in a worker’s compensation matter is that you may greatly increase the odds of getting benefits.

An Attorney Who Knows Indiana Worker’s Compensation

You may have a very specialized job, and your employer may only do business in a very narrow part of the economy. Practicing law is very similar. There are many attorneys who practice, and as a result most of us don’t handle a wide range of cases. We specialize in one or two areas. That way we have a better understanding of a particular area of law, like worker’s compensation, instead of knowing a little bit about a wide range of legal issues. Representing injured employees in worker’s compensation claims is a large and important part of our practice.

When you hire a worker’s compensation attorney from Coriden & Coriden, LLC, you are using our knowledge and experience for your benefit. There are volumes written on worker’s compensation law and a virtually endless number of worker’s compensation and court decisions that could impact your claim. You don’t have the time to learn all you need to know to successfully represent yourself. You also don’t know worker’s compensation and appeals court processes and procedures. Sometimes you need to hire others to get what you need, and that’s why we’re here.

Indiana Worker’s Compensation Claims May Be Resolved If You Know What’s Expected

After you’ve been injured on the job, you enter the world of worker’s compensation. It’s a whole industry involving the Worker’s Compensation Board, insurance companies, healthcare providers and lawyers. Because of our experience, we know how to navigate this world and we speak the technical and legal language spoken in this industry. Unlike an unrepresented worker, we went through our “learning curve” years ago. No one can try to talk past us or talk over our heads, like they may try to do if a worker goes through the system on his or her own. We know what needs to be done, when and how. We don’t put up with double talk or insurance companies that don’t live up to their obligations.

We understand that your benefit denial may simply be a misunderstanding or result from a lack of information. It’s not uncommon for us to turn a denial into a benefits approval, because we know what kinds of information and documentation an insurance company needs to see before agreeing to a claim. We try to match our clients’ needs for benefits with the insurance companies’ need for evidence to justify a benefit approval, and often both sides can get what they want.

Indiana Worker’s Compensation Benefits Include Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our worker’s compensation clients have been injured, some of them seriously, in accidents; or they’ve contracted an industrial disease like silicosis or hearing loss. You may have never been injured on the job before and don’t know the right professionals to help you get back to work. We can help you get the medical treatment and rehabilitation you need to get back to work. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the area’s best specialists to help our clients recuperate and recover.
Getting those medical benefits and treatments, including maximum medical improvement benefits, could be an insurance nightmare. We will deal with the paperwork and the bureaucracy so you won’t have to. Insurance companies may put up roadblocks to certain treatments or limit the help you can get. We fight for our clients so they can get healthy and stay healthy without having to worry about being forced back to work to do too much, too quickly and re-injure themselves.

Maybe the biggest benefit of using Coriden & Coriden, LLC is that when we take your case you can relax and focus on recovery. We will fully educate you on the law and the process, will keep you apprised of the status of your claim and let you know what you need to do during the process and when you need to do it. You can let go and not worry about paperwork, deadlines, letters or dealing with insurance company employees. You leave that to us.

No matter what side of a claim you are on, a worker’s compensation dispute might seem like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of a worker’s compensation attorney, you can be sure that your interests are being represented.

At Coriden & Coriden, LLC, our experience is an asset to our clients, and we can give you knowledgeable, skilled representation in all stages of a dispute. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.

Attorney Terry Coriden

Terry Coriden practices worker’s compensation law as a Partner at Coriden & Coriden, LLC. His entire professional career as an attorney has been committed to worker’s compensation law and making a difference in his community. He is also highly experienced in mediation. Terry is a member and past president of the Bartholomew County Bar Association, a member of the Indiana State Bar Association, and a former board member of the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF). [ Attorney Bio ]