Government Relations

The relationship between government and business is vital to our identity.

Terrence CoridenA dialogue is necessary to ensure the success of that relationship, but some businesses might wonder where exactly that dialogue begins. The good news is that there are places to turn for help.

Through the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can engage in a meaningful and constructive conversation with your local, state and federal government to achieve your business’s goals. At Coriden Glover, we know how to work with you to build a plan, effectively communicate your message and successfully meet regulatory requirements.

Why Government Relations?

Businesses in heavily regulated industries often look to government relation attorneys for two reasons. The first is to learn more about the regulations and what actions a business should take to comply with these regulations. The second reason is to reach out to government officials to advocate changes that might be helpful to their business, industry, employees and, in many cases, the good of consumers and the public. Government relations involve a multi-pronged approach.

The Many Facets of Government Relations

  • Form a Plan – One of the most important steps in government relations is to determine your objectives. This includes looking not only at your business, but also at the current regulatory landscape that frames your industry. We can help you determine the right course of action and decide which areas of the government will be the most helpful to your cause.
  • Build Relationships – Connecting with others is a fundamental part of government relations. You need to reach out to other businesses with shared interests and to receptive members of the government. An advocate can help you forge strong bonds with others and build coalitions to achieve your objectives.
  • Regulatory Goals and Compliance – Government relation attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the regulations facing your business. Their guidance will help you comply with these regulations.

At Coriden Glover, our attorneys know how to help your business network with others, determine critical business objectives and craft a message that will be effective in building your business and shaping your industry’s regulatory landscape. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you achieve your goals.