Family Law

Family law is a broad term, used to describe legal process that range from building new families to resolving family disputes.

Dominic-GloverSome of our clients come to us for help taking the first steps in a life together, while others seek mediation or representation in dealing with other family members.

Legal issues involving families can be emotional for all parties. The attorneys at Coriden Glover know how important it is to have an advocate that can take up a case on your behalf to help relieve the stresses that come with these important issues.

Ways We Can Help

Our attorneys have represented clients in many family matters to navigate the complicated legal processes that families face. Here are a few examples of how we can assist you.

  • Divorce – People seeking a divorce in Indiana file a Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage. In every divorce, there are many things that a couple must consider, including division of property, child custody and child support, if applicable.
  • Child Support – Child support can be ordered by the court to be paid by either or both parents, depending on many factors, including income, current standard of living and the physical and mental condition of the child.
  • Domestic Violence – When a member of a household acts violently towards other members of their family, the victims can seek legal protection. This can include physical violence, harassment and threats. Domestic violence can have ramifications that range from child custody modifications to criminal charges.
  • Child Custody – After the dissolution of a marriage, there is sometimes a dispute over child custody. Courts will consider the nature of the divorce, the ability of each parent to care for a child and the wishes of that child, among other factors. Parents sometimes seek modifications to custody orders if significant changes occur in the lives of family members.
  • Adoption – Adopting a child in Indiana involves screening processes, background checks and other evaluations to determine whether a couple meets certain standards. Adoption processes can vary greatly from one case to another and sometimes depend on the involvement of foreign agencies. Because of the complexity of adoptions, a couple will often use an attorney to help navigate the legal processes involved.
  • Marital Property – Couples will sometimes establish which properties belongs to each spouse before they are married. Establishing these parameters makes things easier if the marriage should end in a divorce. In other cases, disputes arise in the wake of a divorce over the ownership of certain properties. An attorney can serve as a mediator, or as an advocate to help resolve disputes.

If you have legal needs for your family, it’s important to have an experienced legal team on your side. Our firm will help you in every step of the way to resolve your disputes or build new family bonds. Contact us today for a consultation.