Civil Litigation

Most of us will need the services of an attorney at some point in our lives.

Tim-CoridenFor non-criminal disputes, it’s often the services of civil litigation attorneys that best serve our needs. Civil litigation attorneys can represent you in trials, hearings, mediations and many other legal situations.

The attorneys at Coriden Glover can assist you with a number of legal issues that you might be facing.

How We Can Help

Personal injury – If you have been injured due to the actions, or inactions, of another party, you might be able to seek compensation to cover the costs of your medical bills and property damage, in addition to payment for your pain and suffering. The term “personal injury” applies to many different types of injuries, including vehicle accident injuries and injuries sustained on someone else’s property.

Vehicle Accidents – The majority of car crashes occur because of driver error. This includes reckless driving (speeding, improper lane changes, failure to observe traffics signs), distracted driving and drunk driving. Victims of driver negligence can pursue personal injury claims to receive compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Premises Liability – When someone is injured on another’s property because the owner or renter failed to properly maintain the condition of their property, the injured party can pursue legal action. Examples of poorly maintained properties include loose flooring, broken handrails, slick floors and loose or broken steps. Many premises liability cases involve slips and falls, some of the most dangerous forms of injury that a person can suffer.

Workers’ Compensation – Workers are guaranteed the right to a safe work environment. When an employee is injured on the job, their employer could be held responsible if they failed to maintain the safety of the workplace or if they put their employer in a compromised or dangerous situation.

Wrongful Death – The surviving family members of a deceased person sometimes file wrongful death claims when another person’s negligence was the cause of death. Families often face a number of challenges after losing a loved one, including funeral costs, outstanding medical bills and loss of future income. Successful wrongful death claims can help ease those financial burdens.