Appellate Law

It might be tempting to think of appellate law as simply part of the appeals process, but appellate attorneys understand that an in-depth understanding of appellate law can be valuable in all stages of a case. Appellate attorneys also realize that an appeal isn’t simply a replay of the case; it is a chance to take a fresh approach and overcome disadvantages that you might have faced in trial courts.

A good appeal is both forward thinking and mindful of the challenges encountered in trial courts. The attorneys at Coriden Glover will bring new ideas into your case and decide what will give your case the best chance of success.

An Appeal is an Opportunity

Things don’t always go as planned the first time around. There are a number of reasons that a trial can have an undesirable outcome. In some ways, your case might have been a victim of circumstance, depending who heard your case, what information or evidence was deemed admissible and the location in which the trial took place. In that sense, an appeal is a chance to have a more receptive audience and to right the wrongs of the initial trial.

The Value Of An Appellate Attorney in Trial Courts

There are many things that cannot be introduced in an appeal. For examples, new theories are generally not entered in the appeal process. Because appeals require special considerations, consulting with an appellate attorney while a case is still in a trial court can have many benefits. While no attorney plans on losing a case, being prepared for that eventuality is definitely in the best interests of a client.

What We Look At

  • Ann-CoridenEvidence that should or shouldn’t have been included at trial
  • The actions of your attorney and the actions of the opposing counsel
  • The appreciation of the law to your case
  • Confusing or misleading information to jurors.

Our firm believes a second chance can be just as significant as the first. Whether you want a decision reversed or upheld, an attorney familiar with appellate law can be invaluable. We bring a fresh perspective to your case and determine what didn’t work the first time around so the same mistakes are not repeated.

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